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Driving is a complex task which requires a variety of skills. Following an illness, disability or injury, a person’s driving may be affected and your safety and that of others could be at risk.

Section 225 (1)© of the Road Safety Drivers Regulations 1999 requires all Victorian licence or permit holders, who are entitled to drive in Victorian to notify VicRoads if they have an illness or disability (impairment) that may impair their ability to drive safely. 

Under Section 27 of the Road Safety Act 1986- VicRoads can and does request drivers to undergo any tests in deems necessary to ensure a person is fit to drive.

Full Circle OT provides OT driver assessments for;

  • Experienced drivers with age related conditions
  • Learner drivers with a disability including prescription of learn to drive (novice driver) programs
  • Experienced drivers with disabilities who require prescription of driver rehabilitation programs in a standard automatic or manual vehicle
  • Learner and experienced drivers with physical disability who require prescription of driver car modifications and driver rehabilitation programs.

Medical and Eyesight reports

VicRoads Medical Review may request a medical report from your doctor to advise whether you are medically fit to hold a licence. Your doctor will refer to the 2012 Austroads Fitness to Drive guidelines for Commercial and Private Vehicle drivers www.austroads.com.au.    VicRoads may also request you provide an Eyesight Report if you also have a vision condition. 

The VicRoads Medical, Psychiatric and Eyesight reports can be obtained from the VicRoads website www.vicroads.vic.gov.au

The contact details for VicRoads Medical Review are
PO Box 2504
Kew VIC 3101
Phone: 13 11 71
Email: medicalreview@roads.vic.gov.au

VicRoads Medical Review will then advise whether you are required to undertake an OT driver assessment.

What is an OT driver assessment?

The assessment includes a preliminary offroad assessment and an onroad assessment in a dual control vehicle and a driving instructor and the OT Driver Assessor are present. The OT driver assessment assesses whether you are able to demonstrate the required driving standard; and if so whether you require certain conditions or driver modifications to do so. If you are not able to demonstrate the required driving standard, consideration will be given to whether you are a candidate for structured lessons to remediate your driving difficulties or to learn to use driver modifications or whether a licence suspension/cancellation is recommended.

How to refer 

If you or your family member has already received a letter from VicRoads advising that they are required to undergo an OT driver assessment, please contact Michelle Tehan at Full Circle to book an assessment.  (Link to Contact Us)

If you or your family has not yet received a letter from VicRoads but there are concerns about their driving, their GP or Medical Specialist can complete the VicRoads Medical form and submit it to VicRoads Medical Review. Please then contact Michelle Tehan at Full Circle OT to
book an assessment. 

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